08 October

C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr 2009

from October, 29th, through November, 1st, will take place C.A.R. contemporary art ruhr 2009 in Essen. colourblindGallery presents art-pieces of Heiko Beck, Artboydancing and David Ramirez Gomez.

And it will be shown a special project of Heiko Beck "Why not now and not here?". This is for real because that’s it with self-pity, whining and excuses. Through his activities and campaigns Heiko Beck provokes new paradigms and experience. By means of campaigns in public areas he deliberately attempts to break into people’s daily routine and stimulate their thinking thus striving to do exactly what he always wanted to do. Heiko Beck is in search of authentic people, good moments in life and fun at work.