фотопроект "косвенные улики"

indirect evidence

Author: P. Krupin

19 April 2008

To my spectator




The topic of the project is indirect evidence of the human being in the world, allusion to events, consequences/traces of human action and a lack of persons as acting individuals.

I see this very clear, particulary these indirect things, not direct, it’s like a detour… only some images. This single part… which is shown, makes the spectator thinking over, realising, contemplating, dreaming. It increases sensibility of the feelings and it helps to see more, than is shown… These could be persons sometimes and oblique images, like the hands by the curtain on the picture, which I really like… This is indirect evidence, an untold story, but untold not out of misunderstanding or feebleness, but the kind, which drags you into depth… to get it closer…


You see, this unsaid, which exists in everybody’s life, when it is possible sometimes to say, there is something, just a little bit, to get and I can understand the world… You can understand everything, like the Creator, like f**ing Neo, when he has penetrated into Matrix… Because in this moment you FEEL the ins and outs… which shine through the homeliness, details like a little sparrow, a wall of the house, the wind… a sound from behind the corner… It feels like almost dissolving in it, it seems, like in a moment you can mix your soul with the soul of the universe… This is lyrics, of course, but it is hard for a non-professional writer to express so highly exerted emotions… Actually, most likely because of this I have started to make pictures. At some instant I have defined pictures as a loophole into a stopped moment of life, which has the whole beauty of the meaning of life… No one will understand entirely, but you can keep watching it as long and whenever you wish… trying to catch this vibration of the meaning of life… Is it stupid? But it goes this waysometimes


The deserted architecture, traces of presence, enviromental changes caused by humans, tracks remaining after the events and tracks preceding them. The event by itself, not focused at the individual. Here is the man and the trees – who is he? what is he doing? where does he go? what is he carrying in his bag? Yes, it’s beautiful. But how much can one think of looking at such a rather concrete work… why is a sapling behind him? why are there 4 trees? why is he leaving? what does this all mean? And I think, my spectator should hear the answer in himself, which is born by his personal experience, his stereotypes, or dreams… We only show the evidence, simply allusions.


Or the old church, which together with its shadow becomes a paperplane… This is what I saw, but in general, one can think of or feel something different and ask different questions: why is it so?… why does it fly away?… is it a window?... is it a stained-glass? so large? what’s going down there? is there a crowd or nobody there?

Or the photography, which I like so much, with the bench on the other bank, in a miraculous way crossed out by the thin birch… what is it? Is it the past, which no one can bring back? Is it the river of Stix? Where does this bench appear from amidst the white trees in the twilight. Is it by chance the Stalker’s ZONE*? Possibly, the division in two parts by the slash means scales, balance, choice? or separation…


Overall, possibly I went to the wrong place…


Petr Krupin


18 January 2008 02:37
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