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<p>встреча с художником и прием в его честь 1.07 в 19.00</p>


Author: haikal noyes

24 June 2011

Things started off quite innocently: Haikal Noyes did his first photographic experiments on his parents’ cats. These days he prefers shooting himself. Full-frontal, that is. His first project, which brought him quite some positive appraisal, especially within the homoerotic blogosphere, was his «365» photographic series. For one year Haikal posted a new self portrait each day on his blog. No snapshots, but photography behind which there is obviously always some kind of idea, concept or at least a spontaneous thought. Most of all, it is Haikal’s erotic, sometimes pornographic self portraits that stick in one's mind. It often seems as if Haikal wanted to invite the viewer to act out on their voyeuristic tendencies, to take them out on him. Many of his photographs are sexually explicit, and one would expect to find them on relevant porn sites rather than on a photoblog. However, looking more closely at his creative work one will notice that there seems to be more behind Haikal’s choice of motifs than just mere exhibitionism or the urge to realize his full potential in the nude. Indeed, one is inclined to believe Haikal Noyes declaring that, first and foremost, he aims at creating photographic motifs with an aesthetic approach.