fascination anxiety

Author: Alisa Minyukova

22 April 2009


A study of visual dependency. Volume one "Fascination Anxiety"

Fascination anxiety is a psychological condition in which an individual has excessive anxiety due to prolonged visual stimulation by the individual's surroundings, resulting in acute spells of aspiration.

These works may suggest a decorative or illustrative application, but don't be fooled; they are in fact an ostentatious parody on us, waiting to be recognized. Working much of the time in pen and ink, I have found using these tableaus to be the most straightforward way to express my vision of humanity. My characters are nomadic. They do not belong to a particular place or culture.

Their personas are a composition of mythological and allegorical qualities that symbolize our nature as human beings. My desire is that you recognize their dual nature as both simple and complex, as we all are.

Alisa Minyukova